Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Concrete patio builder charlotte

Are you looking for a company to do concrete patio in Charlotte, NC? Castellon Construction can get the job done for you. Contact us for a free estimate

Top Reasons to Install a Concrete Patio in Charlotte, NC

A concrete patio in Charlotte offers a durable and beautiful outdoor living space that goes well with almost all home styles. Using concrete for your patio offers a plethora of exciting benefits, not to mention that there are also extensive options for customization that you will surely love.
If you want to enhance the look of your property, here are the top reasons to have a concrete patio installed soon:

Easy and Stress-free Maintenance

Probably the best thing about concrete is that this material requires very little maintenance unlike other options for patio materials. A quick rinse using a hose can easily wash away grime and dirt while regular sweeping can get rid of the loose debris so that the surface can stay as clean as possible.
Concrete patio Charlotte also needs to be resealed every several years. However, compared to the level of maintenance required for brick or wood pavers, the amount of care and investment are also minimal. Charlotte Concrete patios are also not prone to warping and rot and there won’t be any space where unwanted weeds can grow.

Reasonable Price

Concrete material is also a very budget-friendly investment thanks to its less demanding labor process and easy and simple installation. When the installation process is more complicated and more workers are required to do the job, this will only further increase the cost of the project. This is the main reason why wood and paving stones often come with a much higher price. It means that concrete patio is more reasonably priced than other options out there.

Versatile Choices Available

These days, concrete come in an array of design options and colors. This could be poured to fit all yard sizes and can also feature angles or curves depending on the space and your personal preferences. Stamped concrete is also a good choice as this forms a surface design that can resemble other materials like tile and natural stone. This also lets you create any image or pattern that you would want for your patio. Colored concrete also lets you match your outdoor space with the rest of your property.

A More Durable Option

To install concrete, the material is poured in a single piece over the steel rebar to form a durable surface and strong base. Mixing concrete is also possible to suit the weather patterns of your area to improve its strength against temperature fluctuations and bad weather.


Concrete is an eco-friendly choice as well. This lowers the need of using valuable resources like wood. There is also no need for harsh chemicals just to make it look fresh and new. On top of that, crushed pavement is usually recyclable as well.

An Undying Tradition

Whether you believe it or not, concrete is considered as a more traditional material used for patios instead of wood. Although a wooden porch or patio is a great option if you live in a place with sandy ground, concrete patio has long been the main choice of homeowners because it can retain its original look and condition for many years.
Let the experts install your concrete patio and see the difference it can make to your home!


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